Chaya did an interesting stint with Bombay Broadcasting Network at New York under the stewardship of Anita Raj.This gave her the idea to make training videos

Women of Substance (concept, script and presentation)

A 20 minute documentary on 6 women who battled odds and came out as women of substance. (links not working)

Image builders (Concept, script and Production)

Video 1

Video 2

A training module for employees to highlight their role in projecting the image of their organization

Other Video

Video 1

Video 2

Managing students (Concept, script and presentation

This 20 minute video is shot in a virtual classroom and highlights the qualities of an effective teacher. Both in English and Kannada. Ideal as a training tool for teachers

For a better organization (Concept and Production)

Short 2 minute films (6 in all) focusing on office etiquette