Training and Development

  •   Attended a 3-week workshop conducted by ILO on training the trainers in Women entrepreneurship development (WED)
  •   Conducted training programs for employees of private and public sector organizations on
    •   Enjoying Stress
      Stress is Part of life. This module deals with enjoying stress rather than coping or managing it. Ironically, the very elements that should give us joy, become stress factors. The key is to identify these and enjoy them
    •   Joy of working
      We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. But how many of us really find joy in it? Is it the work that gives us satisfaction or do we bring joy to our work? This module explores these questions
    •   Getting to know (a personal evaluation session)
      Awareness is the key to effeceincy.Knowing oneself, ones surroundings, ones emotions, ones feelings…knowledge gives us power to take charge of our life. This module empowers and enlightens
    •   Image building
      Who builds the image of an organization? Is it its Products/ Services/ Balance sheet or its people? An insight into the role of employees at every level. This module is supported with a video presentation
    •   Etiquette and Manners
      Using the right fork or spoon is a very minor part of Etiquette and Manners. The crucial message in this module is that one has to be considerate to ones fellow beings. This module is ideal for young executives. An illustrated booklet goes with this as course material
    •   Corporate Spirituality
      They are two sides of the same coin-materialism and spirituality. They compliment each other. This module is a walk through the corporate corridors to achieve spiritual ends of win-win situation in life.
    •   Relationship Management
      We all live in different areas of realtionships.This means that there are different stokes for different folks. What are they and how does one decide? This module gives practical tips
    •   Work/life balance
      It is either being a workaholic or getting embroiled in family dynamics. Both can be injurious to mental peace! This module focuses on balancing the act
    •   Networking for success
      The modern mantra for success is networking. But where does one start and how does one get it? Useful module for Sales and Marketing
    •   Gender
      Whether it is at family level, social or professional, interpersonal relations are often ruled by gender bias. This module highlights gender sensitivity without being in favour of either!
    •   Guidelines on sexual harassment at workplace
      This module explains in details the implications of sexual harassment at workplace and clears many doubts.
    •   Decision making
      Most of our problems arise out of the choices we make without being aware of their consequences. We are afraid to make decisions because we know not what will follow. This module gives practical guidelines for making the right decision.
    •   Leadership styles of women
      With more and more women getting to decision making levels in society and corporate, it is interesting to see what makes them tick. This module showcases women in diverse fields and how they function
    •   Safety awareness for working women
      As more and more incidents of attacks on working women are splashed in the newspapers, it makes sense for women to be aware of dangers that lurk and be forewarned and forearmed. This module gives valuable tips. It can be combined with a self defense session.
    •   Manager-like-qualities (MLQ)
      Managing people is an art and can be cultivated. A good Manager can motivate or demotivate his/her team. A successful organisation will address itself to this need to equip Managers with people skills so they can pass it down the line.
    •   Visibility in an organisation
      Just as a shelf in a supermarket can be cluttered with “Me too” products, employees can be faceless workers in an organisation.It is important for employees for their self worth, to have visibility. This module gives tips on how to make your presence felt in a positive way.

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