I begin with a BIG THANK YOU to GOD

We live in an interdependent world. We can make it only with the help and encouragement of people-be they relatives, friends, colleagues or sometimes even strangers!

I would like to raise a toast to those who have contributed to what I am today'll

  •  My Grandmother Indiramma for raising me to be a 'woman with a spine of steel'
  •  My grandfather N S Raghavan for pampering me
  •  My father Dr Bhagavan for letting me make my decisions about life at a young age
  •  My mother Geeta for teaching me to be cheerful and positive under all odds
  •  My Husband (late) Srivatsa for being my life coach for 40 years
  •  My sons Arjun and Anil for empowering me with their respect tinged with love
  •  My daughters-in-law Chetana and Deepali for accepting me with all my idiosyncrasies
  •  My grandchildren Nikita, Karan, Kavya and Soorya for being pals of their granny!
  •  My mother-in-law Mohanamma for training me to be a good home- maker
  •  My sister-in-law Vaidehi Jaisimha for taking care of my children while I did my Masters
  •  My school teachers Mrs Watsa and Ms Grace for honing my skills in the use of the English language
  •  My English Lecturer Prof Wesley for his awesome teaching of English Literature
  •  Mrs Vimla Patil and Mrs Gulshan Ewing for giving me ample assignments as freelance journalist
  •  Admiral B R Vasant for helping me start Guild Of Women Achievers with his start-up donation
  •  Casuba Srinivasan for his generous support to Guild of Women Achievers
  •  Cdr Kailash Girwalkar for being a friend in need for over 30 years
  •  Madhura Chatrapathi for being a mentor
  •  Pujya Dayananda Swamiji and Chidroopananda Swamiji for giving me a new life in the Arsha Vidya Kendra
  •  Mohan Das Pai for giving me the opportunity to be Life Coach in INFOSYS